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Preliminary Project Layout:
Detailed project layout before EPA award, environmental approval, and contractor involvement can be costly and fruitless. Often agencies and stakeholders require only preliminary project layouts to identify key issues and terms of reference. For this reason, ARD does not specialize in detailed design, but on pre-feasibility and preliminary project layout. We’ve developed specialized software models, GIS tools, and metrics to determine optimal project layout in order to guide further detailed analysis which occurs at a higher cost. For example, by comparing the upstream drainage area of a potential waterpower project intake site to the gross head at the site, and also to the penstock length and power capacity, we are able to quickly plot the sensitivity of NPV/IRR to intake elevation. The ability to quickly and clearly present proposed project layouts is especially valuable when clients would like to present proposed plans that require feedback from government agencies, specialists (geotechnical, biologists, engineers), and the public, before more costly final designs are possible.
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