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Hydrological Analysis:
Using Monthly Multiple Regression (MMR) techniques, and coupled with MLHB Rating Curve development, we’ve established a repeatable, standardized method of hydrometric data processing and synthetic dataset generation using simple regression techniques and rudimentary statistics. Efforts are ongoing to work with the provincial government to incorporate these techniques into provincial guidelines for hydrological analyses. Standards regularly referenced were "Hydrological Guidelines for Waterpower Projects (2005)," Land and Water BC, and "R.I.S.C Manual of standard operating procedures for hydrometric surveys in B.C.," Victoria, B.C. 1998. Deliverables are designed to meet all provincial guidelines and provide a quantified uncertainty with key project variables. Below are a few excerpts from peer reviews and from government reviews:
"The report documents the author’s intent to follow the Resource Inventory Standards Committee (RISC) standards and provides an excellent introduction to onsite hydrology. There is a detailed description of the quantitative estimates of error and bias (and how they were resolved), and the proposed strategy regarding outliers in the stage-discharge curve (reserve judgment until additional data is collected) is wise. The data collection program to date is good; the analyses are appropriate, and the text is concise. The report is generally of high quality."

(Scott Babakaiff, MWLAP, 2006, p.1)

"Overall, the efforts to define (the project) hydrology meet and generally exceed common industry practice. The appropriate guidelines are followed and analysis techniques used. It appears the best approaches were used and the analysis properly carried out. The reports are well done, thorough, and contain the appropriate figures, diagrams, graphs, and tables. Based on our review of the reports and experience, the synthetic hydrology presented for (the project) is reasonable."

(Cory Williams, Canadian Projects, 2006, p.4)

"The author demonstrates a strong understanding of hydrologic principles and practices. Both reports were found to be very thoroughly compiled and technically sound, and the author should be commended on deriving reasonable conclusions for a hydrologically challenging site."

(Jaime Cathcart, Knight Piesold, 2006, p.1)

Rating Curve

Daily Flow

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